Before I Wake

by Walden

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I would love to direct a special thanks to all of the folks at SAE Institute of technology, to the greatest artistic community on the planet: East Nashville, to my loving friends and family which i cherish so much, and to the overwhelming number of people who contributed to the inspiration and completion of this project. I give you my sincerest thanks.


released August 20, 2013

Produced by:
Ethan Samuel Brown

Recorded in:
SAE Studios in Nashville, TN
Moose Studio in Philadelphia, PA
Yellow Box Studio in Nashville, TN
(as well as countless basements, bathtubs, living rooms, and fields in apartments/houses across the country)

Contributing Audio Engineers:
Ben Rosenbach
Peyton Sullivan
Ryan Freeman
Ben Faught

Mastered at:
Full Circle Mastering in Philadelphia, PA

Contributing Mastering Engineers:
Mark Trewella

Contributing Musicians:
Seth Baugher - Drums / Percussion
Kelly Ruth - Bass / Vox
Peyton Sullivan - Guitar / Ambient FX
Ben Rosenbach - Drums
Andy - Cello
Tyler James - Trumpet
Tom Brislin - Piano
Lauryn Peacock - Keys / Vox
Ben Faught - Trumpet / French horn / Percussion
Ethan Samuel Brown - Guitar / Xylophone / Vox / Pump Organ / Drums

Album Cover Art:
Collin Pagenstecher



all rights reserved


Walden Nashville, Tennessee

Walden is a collaborative retreat for musicians, audio engineers, and fans driven by the primary instrumentation, structure, and lyrics of singer/songwriter/producer Ethan Samuel Brown. Hailing from Nashville, TN; Ethan is a neofolk lyricist combining the elements of traditionalist european folk, appalacian newgrass, and country western to contrive a melodic concoction of modern, unique folk. ... more


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Track Name: Snow Owl
Snow owl at my window
Show the length of your wing
Will I ever write the contour
of the melodies you sing?
And the aesthetic of you and me
Will break and fly away
For nothing more than a memory
I recall your forgotten days

I wish Nicola was here
She'd be so amazed
She'd smile ear to ear
In white feathers an endless gaze
And i know where she hides
I still smell her sent
In my heart she'll always reside
The eternal resident

I didn't mean to laugh
'cause you were right
I need to take care of myself
Every night
Where are you going?
and where have you been?
Open seas, and mountains?
Will we ever lock eyes again?

Please forgive me
If I have to look away
I'll find her
In the next life, on the first day
Track Name: Only the Night
Could we all run rabid
Through a dusky autumn plane?
My bones will turn to sand
When my dear muse forgets my name

I may not be a chaste man
But I care for what i do
And I only breathe in desperately
In a jail cell built for too

Whats to make of rising tides?
When to say enough?
The memory will coincide
And call the jokers bluff

If shake hands is out of line
And Dylans riddles thin
I don't believe that I will find
The answer in the wind

I summon my friends to the dancing hall
I summon you all, I summon you all
And if I die before I wake
My word is the strangest to take
For the night, but only the night

D.C. will fall short again
And the war will remain the same
Like the junkies on their side walks
Who plead all day for change

I guess I'm still a man cub
Only lusting for a laugh
I only stab my own back
I only drink on my behalf

What's to make of falling trees?
When to close my eyes?
Who will be the one for me?
Why do i realize?

If bowing low is out of line
and Segars lyrics grim
I don't believe that i will find
I'm running against the wind

I summon my friends to the dancing hall
I summon you all, I summon you all
And if i die before i wake
My words the strangest to take
For the night, but only the night
For the night, but only the night
Track Name: Thoughts on a Mob
In the summer gale
I was half asleep
They threw their stones
They marched their feet
To the war drunk king
To the howling wolf
It frightened me awake
the hail punched my roof

They'd throw her in jail
For her god damn grin
My eyes have grown red now
They'll never let me in
So I'll dig my grave
And I'll buy a suit
I've never been the kind to
Bite Edens fruit

On the oceans floor
You would find the ship
Where we spent all of our money
For the round trip
We'd toast to the doctors
For keeping us sane
As the mob is imploding
We'd ditch our ball and chain

And they'll play it loud!
The entire phantom band!
One by one they'll dig heads from the sand
So when the strike the first note
Would you waltz with me?
Is this not a free fall?
Am I not decent company?
Track Name: Andromeda
Ageless temptress
Dance for the bray
If ever you may

Foster crooks will
We needn't cause a scene
Collect each concern
And paint yourself green

I'm only miles away
Reciting the things left to say

You fell through seasons
You painted the moon
Tap on my window
Through out the afternoon

A muse and a story
A timeless ruined scene
We'll dance cheek to cheek
And they'll put us on a silver screen

I'm only miles away
Reciting the things left to say

The river town
Where I grew
I never saw
Any sign of you
The river town
Where I grew
I just couldn't see
That there was a different side to me